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Building a better world, below are available courses

Mobile Software Development
Intake: May/June 2024
*Intakes: Weekday, Saturday, Evening Classes and Distance Learning Available

Currently, Virtual Online Classes are Available


 Mobile Software Development course is a 4-month program that trains students on how to develop software for Mobile Devices (Mobile Applications), Web development, Databases, Cyber Security and Business Development. The program is fully practical and interactive.

Modules to be covered:  Introduction to Computer Programming, HTML 5/CSS/Bootstrap 3/CSS (each student learn and create a website), Java, PHP, MySQL Database, Interface Design, Gaming, Cyber Security and Business Development. Other topics : Android Programming, Android Architecture, Layouts & UI Components, Accessing Android platform features, Android Services, Android SMS, Content Providers, Android GPS, Material Design , Working with Google Maps, Android & JSON etc. Upon completion of the program ,
Students' will create an Mobile application in Android as their final project; the application developed will be published in various App stores e.g. Google Play, Opera, Samsung Store etc.

Course Duration:4 Months


Python is an object oriented and popular scripting language; while being powerful enough to write large applications. Python offers flexibility, scalability, system security, performance etc.
The Python Program leads students to develop Python applications using Python 3.x, training will include: Python Basics, Python libraries and modules, functions and objects, front end programming with python, user interface, accessing database with python, report generation, log analysis, Monetization  etc.

  Course Duration: 1 Month  


This Cyber security, also referred to as information technology security involves practices and processes designed to protect computer programs and data from attack, damage or data from unintended or unauthorized access. 
Attention is required to protect sensitive business and confidential personal information, as well as safeguard national security. The participant will gain knowledge on how to handle information systems security, protection from latest cyber security threats, disaster recovery etc.

  Course Duration: 2 Months


Learn how to create content and utility for Mobile Handsets using Android. Topics include: Java, PHP, MySQL, Intro to Android/Android Architecture, User Interface Design, Database connection, API's, Accessing Android platforms, Android Background Services and Apps Monetization etc.
Participants in this program undergo a practical training in android and by the end of the training they publish a complete mobile application on recognized app stores i.e Google Play, Opera, Samsung etc

  Course Duration: 2 Months


This course offers participants the skills to develop USSD based mobile applications that allow fast, secure communication between the user and the application without requiring an app that is downloaded. USSD works on all GSM phones.i.e *126#. USSD is widely used today.

  Course Duration:  1 Month

++ Data Science and Machine Learning

Modcom offers highly-rated data science courses that will help you learn how to work with data, visualize and respond to new data changes, this course covers data science pipeline which includes data handling techniques, data acquisation, munging/wrangling/cleanind, data manipulation, data analystics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to help you create predictive systems using Python and R. To kickstart your data science career, enroll for this course with discounted offer.

  Course Duration:  2 Months

Other courses include:Ruby on Rails Framework, PHP Frameworks(Laravel), Python Frameworks(Django & Flask), Javascript Frameworks(React and Angular JS), Full Stack Development (MERN/MEAN Stack), Big Data Engineer, Artificial Inteligence and Blockchain Technologies

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